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Get Immediate Access to Working CapitalAccess the working capital tied up in your accounts receivable invoices - without waiting for your customers to pay - by factoring them with DB Squared.

How Receivables Factoring Works—
and How Receivables Factoring Can Help a Business Grow

Receivables factoring (also called accounts receivable invoice factoring) is a business finance tool that provides your organization with immediate access to money owed to your business by your customers, without waiting 30, 60, 90 days – or even longer – for the invoices to be paid. With expedited cash flow, you have more flexibility to meet operational expenses and more quickly reinvest working capital in your business to expand, service larger accounts or take on new customers – the choice is yours! 

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Why Factor Receivables?

Businesses that want to expedite payment of accounts receivable invoices can turn to a receivables factoring company like DB Squared.

Factoring receivables enables you to focus on growing your business rather than chasing invoices or performing collections. You can gain immediate access to working capital and reinvest in your company much more quickly.

Factoring receivables with DB Squared could also be the key to positioning your business to be able to take advantage of emerging opportunities. You will no longer need to turn down big orders, new customers or wait to develop new lines of business because of working capital or business cash flow restraints.

Receiving immediate payment on your accounts receivable invoices, rather than waiting for customers to pay you, could even allow you to offer more flexible payment terms to your customers, take advantage of supplier discounts and manage seasonal business cycles more easily.

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Why Choose DB Squared for Receivables Factoring?

Factoring Fees from 1%
Advances Up to 98%
100 Years of Experience

When you choose to factor receivables with DB Squared, you are choosing a highly experienced team of business finance professionals whose combined industry experience exceeds 100 years.

Decades of invoice factoring experience is just the beginning when it comes to the benefits of factoring receivables with DB Squared.

Here are some of the  other benefits of factoring receivables with us:

  • As Low as 1% Factoring Fees
  • Advances up to 98%
  • DB Squared is a non recourse factor – we assume the credit risk of the invoices we purchase from you
  • No fees for: application, due diligence, credit check, notification, funding or reserve release
  • No monthly invoice minimums
  • No long term service contract obligations
  • Flexible, personal approach with our factoring clients and their customers
  • Same day funding
  • Retain control of sending invoices to your customers or entrust DB Squared to process invoices on your behalf – the choice is yours!

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Factoring Receivables to Access Working Capital

The practice of receivables factoring is centuries old and has played an important role as a means of business finance. Any organization, of any size, that provides goods or services to other businesses, government agencies or other commercial organizations on payment terms may be able to factor receivables in order to improve cash flow and unlock working capital.

Types of Organizations That Use Receivables Factoring to Access Working Capital:
  • Transporters like trucking and freight companies
  • Oil and natural gas related industries
  • Architects and engineering companies
  • Manufacturers
  • Distributors and other resellers
  • Telecom, satellite dish and cable installers
  • Security guard companies
  • Staffing agencies
  • Temporary employment agencies
  • Printing companies and other types of marketing agencies
  • Business to business (B2B) service providers and consultants

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The Benefit of Factoring Receivables with a Non Recourse Factoring Company

DB Squared is a non recourse factor. In contrast to many other invoice factoring companies, we assume the credit risk on the invoices we purchase. As a non-recourse factoring company, if DB Squared purchases an invoice from you, and your customer is unable to pay the invoice (for credit reasons), it is DB Squared – and not your business – that assumes the credit risk and absorbs the loss.

By contrast, when you factor receivables with a recourse factor, your business retains the risk of non-payment of an invoice by your customer for any reason. If a recourse factoring company is unable to collect on an invoice, you could be required to buy back the invoice and even pay collection or legal fees associated with the unpaid invoice.

Find out more about Recourse vs. Non Recourse Receivables Factoring Companies
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Factoring Fees from 1%
Advances up to 98%

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