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Business Loans, Cash Flow and Working Capital Financing Solutions

Businesses don’t come one-size-fits-all and neither do their financing needs. We offer business loans and flexible working capital financing tools that can be tailored to organizational needs.

How Our Business Loans and Alternatives Compare to Bank Financing

We offer working capital solutions including business loans in the form of business lines of credit or business cash advances, and we also offer business loan alternatives like merchant cash advances and equipment lease financing.

Our working capital financing tools offer several advantages over bank financing programs, including:

  • Less paperwork — applications are shorter and easier to complete
  • Free to apply — no application or due diligence fees
  • Low credit score may not be an impediment to approval
  • Higher approval rates, especially compared to bank approval rates for small business
  • No credit or collateral at risk
  • No UCC filing financing programs
  • Flexible repayment options tailored to your business’ operations
  • Faster access to working capital — get funding in hours instead of weeks or months

Our business loans and working capital financing tools are more flexible than bank loans in many ways. It’s easier to apply and approval rates are higher. It’s also easier to qualify because a low credit score or lack of collateral are not usually an issue. Most of our programs consider average monthly sales as the primary factor when considering whether to approve an application and when deciding how much working capital to offer.

Flexibility advantages extend to repayment options and even to how funding can be used. Bank financing is often limited to use for a specific purpose or is even paid directly to a vendor or supplier. Most of our business loans and alternatives give an organization a lump sum cash infusion. Our clients are free to use the money at their discretion as they think is best for their business.

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Use of Business Loans and Working Capital Financing Tools

Our business loans and alternatives can provide your organization with a lump sum cash infusion or access to a business line of credit. This gives you the purchasing power to meet operating expenses, cover unexpected costs and put money to work to grow your business more quickly. Our clients commonly leverage our programs to:

  • Finance equipment purchases
  • Finance repairs or renovations
  • Remodel
  • Expand square footage and open new locations
  • Add new products or services to generate new lines of revenue
  • Supplement cash flow during seasonal lulls or buying cycles
  • Take advantage of emerging opportunities
  • Create competitive advantages
  • Execute strategic marketing campaigns or enhance advertising reach — and much more

A low credit score won’t disqualify you; we look for ways to say “yes.” 

We see our clients as much more than a credit score or an asset list and when you apply, we look beyond credit scores and collateral to find ways to say “yes!”

Ultimately, we want to help you grow your business from where it is today to where you want to be tomorrow. We can tailor our working capital financing programs to meet the unique needs of your business.

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Find out how much working capital might be available to your organization in a business loan or advance by following the steps below:

1. Apply online or by phone for a free, no obligation financing proposal. We will immediately start sourcing multiple programs, and will usually have offers for you in 24-48 hours – sometimes even faster.

  • Business and merchant cash advance offers up to 150% of your organization’s average monthly sales or even more
  • Business line of credit from $2,000 up to $100,000+
  • Equipment lease financing up to $100,000+

2. Get funding within hours of approval (or faster).

3. Take advantage of the flexible repayment options available – we’ll work together to structure the plan you think is best for your business!

Use our Business Loans Calculator to estimate the amount of business financing your organization could be eligible to receive with small business financing from DB Squared.

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Business Loans – Calculator for Working Capital Solutions

Use the tool below to discover how much working capital could be available to your organization through our financing programs. Request a copy by email or reach out for a free, no-obligation quote — these numbers are just estimates and we source multiple financing programs so the actual amount of working capital offered to your business could be much higher.

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Discover how much working capital your organization may qualify for:

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  • Gross Monthly Revenue
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  • Percentage of Gross in Debit/Credit Cards
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Business Loans and Working Capital Financing by Industry

Working capital financing tools like a business line of credit, business cash advance and merchant cash advance can be used by nearly any type of organization to get fast access to a lump sum of working capital.

Approvals and financing amounts are based on an organization’s sales history so these tools are often used by retail-type businesses and restaurants that perform many customer transactions each day, and which have been in business for at least a few months.

Our clients’ businesses run the gamut from small to large and come from a wide variety of industries. Some are small business owners with one location and some are even sole proprietors; others are medium-sized organizations, franchises and multi-location businesses that use working capital financing to expedite growth.

Our financing programs are commonly used by organizations in these industries:

  • retail shops and boutiques
  • franchise owners / franchisees
  • restaurants from fast food to fine dining
  • bars, coffee shops and other specialty food or beverage retailers
  • hotels, motels, resorts, bed and breakfast and other hospitality establishments
  • specialty local independent business owners and mom and pop shops
  • service providers like dry cleaners, dog groomers and others
  • independent contractors and technicians
  • dental, cosmetic medical or cosmetic dental practices – and many others!

The flexible nature of our business loans and alternatives makes is possible for nearly any type of organization to qualify for and use our working capital financing tools to benefit their businesses.

It’s free to apply and there is no obligation to accept so there’s no risk for you to submit a quick quote request or apply — just to see if we have programs that you could use to grow your business faster.


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Why Choose DB Squared Business Loans and Cash Advances?

The fast, flexible business financing options you can use to grow your organization are just the beginning. We want to earn your patronage and referrals, so we take our commitment to helping you grow seriously!

When you choose DB Squared for business loans and other working capital financing programs, you can expect:

  • Competitive rates
  • Most applications approved
  • Quick and easy approvals – funding in hours or ever faster!
  • Strong offers with flexible options
  • No application or due diligence fees
  • Business loans and advances with no UCC filing
  • No risk, fee or obligation to accept when you request a quote
  • No credit check or other due diligence fees – no hidden fees at all!

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