Hotel Financing

Merchant cash advances and hotel loans provide fast access to working capital with flexible rates and repayment terms.

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Hotel Financing – Merchant Cash Advances and Hotel Loans

Hotel loans are just one of several financing options available to hotels and motels that need working capital. Our hotel financing programs are specifically designed to provide fast access to working capital, so that hotels and motels can get access to capital when it’s needed the most.

Hotel Loans

Business owners can use a business cash advance or line of credit for a wide variety of hotel financing needs. A business cash advance provides a lump sum of working capital while a hotel line of credit ensures that working capital will be available when needed. Both programs have competitive rates and flexible options.

Hotel Cash Advances

Hotels and motels can also obtain a lump sum of working capital using our merchant cash advances. Advantages of using merchant cash advances include flexible repayment programs, competitive rates, and ease of program management.

Hotel Equipment Financing

In addition to hotel financing programs that provide owners of hotels and motels with access to working capital that can be used for a wide variety of business purposes, we also offer equipment financing options that is specifically designed to be used for purchasing or leasing equipment.

Find Out Which Hotel Financing Program is Right for Your Business

We would be happy to provide you with more information about our hotel financing options by phone or email. Contact us at 866-855-3640 or complete the quick quote form below to request information by email.

Use our hotel financing calculator to see estimates of the amount of working capital hotels and motels could receive using one of our flexible financing programs, then take the next step to request a proposal. Since these numbers are just estimates, the amount of working capital offered to your hospitality business could be even higher.

Hotel Financing Calculator

Our hotel financing calculator can show you estimates of the financing offers that might be available to your hotel or motel with a hotel cash advance or hotel line of credit. After you see the estimates, request your results by email or ask us for a proposal; the amount of working capital available to your hotel or motel could be even higher than the estimates shown below.

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Hotel Financing: How Does the Process Work?

Hotel financing companies like DB Squared know that each situation is unique. No matter which hotel financing option you ultimately decide to use, completing our one-page hotel financing application is the best way to start the process, especially when fast access to working capital is needed. Here’s what you can expect when you apply:

  1. Apply for hotel financing – our team will go to work sourcing hotel financing options right away. You might have offers to review within hours, or even faster.
  2. Decide which program is best-suited to help your organization – we would be happy to talk about the advantages that different offers might provide so you can decide what is best for your business.
  3. Accept an offer and get the working capital your hotel or motel needs to grow!

The process is simple. We will source multiple offers for your hotel or motel so that you can decide which hotel financing tool is the most appropriate one for your business.

Our programs are fast and flexible, and provide several advantages, such as:

  • Decisions and offers within hours (or even faster)
  • No personal guaranty
  • No UCC filing options
  • Flexible repayment options
  • Competitive rates
  • No application or due diligence fees
  • Prompt, professional customer service

Take the next step and apply for a no-cost, no-obligation hotel financing proposal and find out how much working capital is available to help your business grow more quickly.


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Hotel Financing: How Can the Money Be Used?

We would be happy to help you decide which of our programs might be the best choice for your hotel or motel. Complete our one-page hotel financing application online or by contacting our hotel financing experts at 866-855-3640.


Most of our hotel financing programs provide working capital that can be used at your discretion for any number of business purposes, including meeting operational or unseen expenses or investing in growth initiatives. Some of the most common reasons hotels and motels seek additional working capital include:

  • Adding or expanding a hotel restaurant
  • Repairing or replacing equipment
  • Adding salons, spas, shopping and other guest amenities
  • Meeting unforeseen expenses or making facility repairs
  • Meeting operating expenses during seasonal or cyclical lulls
  • Renovating and updating hotel rooms
  • Remodeling hotel common areas
  • Adding new technology to common areas or conference rooms
  • Adding gym equipment and other guest services to attract more travelers

Hotels and motels that use our financing programs to expand, update or add new guest services can create a competitive advantage. New guest amenities can help them attract travelers and stimulate return stays, and they can also bring local residents in to dine, workout, swim, shop or access salon services. By diversifying revenue streams, hotels and motels can help ensure profitability and growth during seasonal lulls or economic slowdowns.