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Get the working capital you need to grow more quickly using restaurant financing solutions from DB Squared.

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Restaurant Financing: Business Loans, Advances and Equipment Financing

We offer working capital financing solutions restaurants can use to solve cash flow challenges, finance restaurant equipment or invest in growth strategies.

The process of obtaining bank restaurant financing requires a lot of paperwork, can take a lot of time and can be difficult to qualify for – especially if you lack equity, have a low credit score or lack sufficient assets to use as collateral. In contrast, our application process is simple and fast; on approval, you could get working capital in a matter of hours, or even faster, with DB Squared:

  • Merchant cash advances for restaurants

Restaurant cash advances aren’t business loans; they are advances on future credit and debit card transactions and they are based on average monthly sales trends. Your restaurant cash advance offers could be as high as 150% of average monthly card transactions.

  • Business cash advances for restaurants
  • Restaurant business line of credit

Business cash advances and lines of credit for restaurants are business loans. They are calculated based on average monthly sales and are usually repaid from daily or weekly ACH debits.

  • Restaurant equipment financing

We also source financing programs that fund restaurant equipment leasing. Lease financing gives your restaurant the ability to buy new or used equipment while still preserving working capital and cash flow.

Use our restaurant financing calculator to determine how much working capital your restaurant could access using our financing tools.  Then find out whether you qualify for one or more of our programs by applying for a free restaurant financing proposal online or by calling us at 866-855-3640. The process is quick, simple and low credit scores or lack of equity will not disqualify you!

Restaurant Financing Calculator

Use the calculator below to find out how much working capital might be available to your restaurant in the form of restaurant cash advance or line of credit financing. These numbers are just estimates. When you apply, we source multiple restaurant financing programs so your restaurant may receive higher offers.

Unlock Working Capital

Discover how much working capital your organization may qualify for:

  • Time in Business
    0 Months 5+ Years
    0 Months
  • Gross Monthly Revenue
    $0 $1,000,000+
  • Percentage of Gross in Debit/Credit Cards
    0% 100%

Apply Now

Congratulations! Based on the information you provided your business may qualify for:

  • Merchant Cash Advance $0
  • Business Cash Advance $0
  • Line of Credit $0

Request a Quote

We encourage you to request a free, no-obligation quote to find out whether your restaurant qualifies to receive even more working capital than estimated by the calculator. We can walk you through your options and offers so that you will feel confident you chose the best financing program for your restaurant.

Restaurant Financing Application Process

Completing our simple one-page application is all it takes to find out how much working capital is available to your business.

Apply online or by calling 866-855-3640; we would be happy to walk you through the process of applying online, answer any questions you might have, or take your application over the phone.

We’ll go to work sourcing offers immediately. Since we work with many lenders, we are often able to give you multiple offers to choose from so that you can do what you think is in the best interest of your restaurant.

Once you accept an offer, funding may occur in a matter of hours or even faster, with many flexible options including:

  • Flexible options for repayment
  • Restaurant financing with no UCC filing
  • Lump sum cash infusion or working capital standing by when you need it
  • No hidden fees or surprises


Restaurant Financing Scenario: Using a Business or Merchant Cash Advance

Here is a scenario that demonstrates this restaurant financing option:

The Stellar Supper had been in business for 3 years. As luck would have it, a well-known food critic was tipped off as to the quality of dining experience and good food they provide, and wrote up a review that went viral. Now they have reservations booked weeks out in advance and are turning away customers.

Like other small business owners, they don’t like turning away customers! The restaurant’s owners realized they could expand by adding more seating if they built a 3-season covered outdoor dining area, a space which could even be reserved for large groups, corporate events and other parties.

They applied for a merchant cash advance and received 150% of their average monthly credit and debit card sales in a lump sum. They used the working capital to fund their restaurant expansion including the new furnishings, lighting, heat lamps, décor and other elements needed for the patio, as well as a larger grill and warming equipment for their kitchen.

The Stellar Supper expansion was completed during the spring and now they don’t have to turn so many customers away. By leveraging the working capital available to them in a merchant cash advance they were able to significantly increase revenue as well.

Take the next step in growing your business by requesting a free, no-obligation quote for one of our restaurant financing solutions today.

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Restaurant Financing for Expansion, Additions, Equipment and Temporary Cash Flow Challenges

Restaurants can use our financing tools to fund a wide variety of restaurant business needs, from meeting expenses during seasonal slowdowns to funding strategies that will help them grow and become more profitable. Our financing programs might be an ideal solution to help your restaurant:

  • finance opening additional restaurant locations
  • replace or repair restaurant equipment
  • purchase inventory
  • upgrade furnishings
  • renovate, redecorate or remodel a restaurant
  • make it easier to keep pace with operational expenses or fulfill other operating needs

Our restaurant loans and financing tools can also be used to cover unanticipated expenses, such as the need to repair restaurant equipment or to solve temporary or seasonal cash flow problems.

It’s easy to find out whether one of our restaurant financing tools would be appropriate for your business! When you are ready, request a free, no obligation financing proposal and find out whether our restaurant finance tools are right for your establishment.