Restaurant Loans and Growth Scenarios

Our restaurant loans are ideal for funding growth strategies. Here are six marketing ideas that demonstrate how our restaurant loans and financing tools can be used to fund business growth.

Fund Restaurant Marketing Strategies with our Restaurant Loans and Financing Alternatives


Restaurant growth can stall without adequate working capital to execute strategic restaurant marketing initiatives to increase sales, profitability and improve cash flow.

Our restaurant loans and financing alternatives make it possible for you to implement needed expansion, remodeling, renovation and other growth strategies while protecting working capital and ensuring adequate cash flow. Here are six restaurant marketing scenarios that demonstrate how our restaurant financing tools can help.

6 Restaurant Marketing Strategies that Fast-Track Business Growth

Build a strong brand, not just a strong business.

People often hear the word “brand” and think “logo.” Although logos are one of the most recognizable elements of any brand identity, just having a great restaurant logo is not enough; if it were, strong brands would be commonplace. Building a strong, cohesive, recognizable brand for your restaurant requires commitment to the branding process — including consistent, constant use of the images, colors, verbiage and other elements of brand identity across every customer touch point.

Remodeling or redecorating to attract new customers.

Generate new excitement within your customer base and to attract new restaurant customers from within your ideal customer types by remodeling your restaurant. Remodeling your establishment in alignment with the preferences and lifestyles shared by members of your target markets makes it much more likely that you can attract new customers from those audiences, garner their referrals and turn them into repeat customers.

Renovate or repair for better customer service and business efficiency.

Time will always take its toll on physical appearance; restaurants are no exception. You can use our restaurant loans, advances or lease financing for restaurant equipment purchases or to replace obsolete, failing or inefficient equipment. This can make it possible for you to better serve your customers and may also lead to cost savings through better efficiencies – all while protecting working capital and cash reserves.

Invest in employee training and improve the customer experience.

Who has more impact on your restaurant marketing efforts than your employees? If attracting new customers through word of mouth referrals and turning customers into loyal patrons is important to you, you cannot ignore the customer experience. Since no one has more impact on the customer experience than restaurant staff – why leave the customer experience up to chance?

Execute emerging and effective restaurant marketing strategies.

While many industries embraced the digital age of marketing quickly, others lagged behind. Case in point: Some restaurants still do not have their own website, let alone a mobile-friendly site. In a day and age when people use their smartphones to find the “nearest” restaurant, and 94% of those searchers take action within one hour, can you really afford to stay on the sidelines when it comes to internet marketing?

Our restaurant loans could provide you with the money you need to implement online and offline restaurant marketing tactics:

  • Launch your own website, including pages optimized for mobile and local search
  • Execute digital marketing strategies such as issuing digital coupons or creating your own daily deals
  • Launch email, social network and other internet marketing programs
  • Advertise off and online in publications that enable you to reach members of your target audience
  • Create a referral rewards or customer loyalty program

Expand into a new location or increase your service hours.

Do you have space to add more seating, corporate meeting rooms, outside eating space or otherwise give your restaurant the ability to serve more people at the same time? Would you be more profitable if you were open more hours each day or more days of the week? Do you have an opportunity to add a second, third or fourth location and grow the presence of your brand in the community?


When coming up with the money needed to implement restaurant marketing ideas is the problem, financing from DB Squared can be the solution!

Restaurant owners who use our financing tools to grow appreciate the way we look at the big picture, not just a credit score. Our restaurant loans and financing alternatives are based on your restaurant’s sales trends, so low credit or lack of collateral won’t keep you from qualifying.

We source many funding programs which often means multiple offers to choose from. When you choose to use our restaurant loans and financing alternatives, you can expect:

  • Competitive rates
  • Attentive, professional customer care
  • No hidden fees or surprises
  • Programs with no UCC filling
  • No obligation to accept
  • No application, credit check or other due diligence fees
  • Flexible repayment schedules – we take a personal approach!

Applying is fast, easy and free. Once approved, get immediate access to funding needed to execute your restaurant’s marketing strategy.

Get working capital and resolve common restaurant cash flow challenges using our restaurant loans and alternative financing programs.

Cash flow, working capital and access to credit are common concerns for nearly every small business owner, and restaurant owners are no exception. Often, a temporary cash flow shortage or lack of working capital is the only thing standing in the way when it comes to a restaurant’s ability to grow to new levels of profitability and success.

Our restaurant loans and financing alternatives infuse working capital into your restaurant’s budget quickly, enabling you to remodel, renovate, replace equipment, expand or execute new restaurant marketing strategies in order to grow and – presumably – become more profitable. You can also use our restaurant financing programs as a cash flow management tool to improve cash flow consistency, ensuring that you have access to the money needed for financing restaurant operations during seasonal slowdowns or when you want to preserve working capital.