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Salon Financing

Our salon financing programs include merchant cash advances as well as business loans and salon equipment leasing options that can be tailored to the unique needs of a salon or spa.

Our working capital and cash flow solutions can be an ideal choice for salon financing, and can be used for a wide variety of purposes; such as:

  • Adding new salon locations
  • Remodeling or expanding a salon location
  • Financing salon equipment and furnishings
  • Maintaining cash flow over cyclical or seasonal slowdowns
  • Funding salon advertising and marketing projects
  • Buying inventory and salon product intros to expand retail sales and service

We offer several different salon financing tools that can be deployed to help with growing a salon or spa more quickly. Merchant cash advances and business cash advances provide a lump sum cash flow infusion, while a salon line of credit offers purchasing power with working capital waiting and ready for when its needed.

Merchant Cash Advance Salon Financing

Merchant cash advances are a popular salon financing tool for many reasons. They are well-suited for use in the beauty industry since they are based on the average monthly card transactions for the salon or even for independent beauty professionals who process their own customer payments (such as booth renters and salon suite franchise owners).

Business Cash Advance Salon Financing

Like merchant cash advances, business cash advances provide a lump sum of working capital which salon owners and independent beauty pros can use to grow more quickly or address temporary cash flow challenges. They are calculated based on the total average monthly sales rather than only credit and debit card transactions.

Both types of salon cash advance financing are repaid automatically, with repayment typically occurring over 6-18 months. Merchant cash advances are repaid as a small percentage of credit and debit card transactions by the card processor. Business cash advances are repaid through daily (or sometimes weekly) small ACH debits.

Salon Line of Credit

Establishing a business line of credit gives salon owners purchasing power that can be deployed when they need it. The main benefit of this type of salon financing is that fees are only incurred if a salon owner draws against the line, so that if a salon needs less working capital than the total amount available, financing fees are only assessed on the amount drawn against the line. Like business cash advance financing, repayment occurs automatically through daily or weekly ACH debits, and are usually repaid over the course of 6-12 months from the time funds are drawn against the line of credit.

Salon Equipment Financing

Any of the programs above can be used to finance salon equipment and furnishings. We also partner with equipment lease financing specialists that offer programs specifically designed to fund equipment and salon furniture. When you request a quote for financing, we can help you decide which of these tools might be most appropriate for your salon.

You can request a quick quote below or check out our salon financing calculator. Our calculator can provide you with an estimate of how much working capital you could access using our salon financing tools.

Salon Financing Calculator

Our salon financing calculator will provide you with an estimate of the amount that might be offered to you with a merchant or business salon cash advance or salon line of credit. The amount offered to your salon could be higher than the estimates shown below, so we encourage you to request a quote to get more information.

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