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High Broker Commissions, Fast Funding

The commissions we pay business brokers who book business finance clients with us are among the highest in the industry. Plus, we look for reasons to say YES to new business rather than focusing on potential issues.

What Business Brokers Love Most About Working with Us

Our high commissions, quick turn-around, fast funding, stellar customer service and low client fees make for high approval and client retention rates. All this means that business brokers who book deals with us won’t be disappointed, will earn more and will book more business.

Why Business Brokers Love Booking Business Finance Deals with DB Squared

Business brokers that work with DB Squared have the potential to make more money, plain and simple, because our high broker commissions are among the best in the industry. As a business broker that sends us deals for receivables financing (invoice factoring), you and your prospects can look forward to:

Flexible, Tailored Business Financing Options

We know that one size does not fit all. We excel at tailoring financing options that are best-suited to meet the client’s organizational needs.

Proactive Communication/Dedicated Manager

Each broker has one main point of contact within DB Squared (no more dialing an 800# and hoping that someone who can actually help you will answer). Your dedicated account manager will keep you and your prospects informed every step of the way. You and your prospects will be treated “right” – and our team closes deals!

Quick Turn Around and Fast Funding

We can provide competitive factoring quotes in a matter of hours and funding of new accounts in as few as three days. Since we don’t charge application, credit check or due diligence fees, the only thing standing between your prospect and their first account funding is a fast, easy, no-risk, 2-page factoring application. Once a client’s account is established, same day funding for factored invoices is available.

Transparent Fee Structure with No Surprises

Since we don’t tack on administrative fees or hide auto-renewal and penalty clauses in our contracts, our fee structure is straight-forward, easy to understand, and very easy to explain to prospective clients.

Business Brokers Have More Options with DB Squared

Businesses come in all shapes and sizes, so a one size fits all business finance program just won’t work. We offer a wide variety of business financing programs, giving business brokers the ability to connect both retail and B2B clients with the type of program best-suited to their needs; including:

  • Invoice factoring
  • Business and merchant cash advances
  • Heavy equipment financing
  • Semi truck and trailer lease financing
  • Business line of credit

Beyond the competitive rates and low fees that our programs offer, we pride ourselves on looking for reasons to say “yes” and giving clients options that allow them to tailor financing solutions to the unique needs of their organizations.

Are you ready to experience for yourself what makes DB Squared such a great place to refer your prospects or to get more details about business broker commissions?

Request a quote for a client or get more information about our business broker programs by completing the quick quote below or contacting our business finance team at 866-855-3640.

Our Business Brokers Get a Better Return on Investment

Day in and day out, clients enjoy a high level of professional customer service from an experienced dedicated account manager who takes the time to discover and deliver on client preferences.

From the outset, this is what each and every client can expect when they choose DB Squared:

  • Fast, free application process for all business finance solutions
  • Low invoice factoring fees starting at 1% and high advances – up to 98%
  • No long term factoring contracts and no minimums to factor
  • Competitive rates on business loans and cash advances
  • Flexible options and a willingness to tailor solutions to client needs
  • No application, due diligence or credit check fees
  • Transparency of program details means no hidden fees or surprises

Plus program-specific benefits; such as:

  • Reduced financial risk from bad debt with non-recourse factoring
  • Factoring clients get free credit checks on their customers
  • Factoring clients get free same day funding
  • Transportation factoring clients get free enrollment in EFS fuel cards and TruckersB2B for fuel discounts, cash management tools and other transportation industry perks
  • Business loans and cash advances with no UCC filing options
  • Payment options and other program terms tailored to client needs and preferences rather than a one-size-fits-all mandate

— and these are the same reasons that your clients will be happy that you introduced them to our services, will be satisfied and will stay on the books longer, which means a better return-on-investment for the work you put into brokering their business finance solutions.

We Work with Business Brokers of All Types

We work with invoice factoring business brokers to book deals for a variety of industries, including industries where factoring is well-known and others that are just discovering its benefits as a cash flow financing tool.

We also connect clients with financing that is suitable for both B2B organizations and retail business models. We specialize in creating tailored solutions; if you don’t see the industry or business finance tool you were looking for, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for more solutions.

We book invoice factoring deals in many different industries, including; 

  • Trucking, transportation and logistics
  • Supply chain distributors and manufacturers
  • 3rd party vendors such as Zulily vendors and Amazon merchants
  • Vendors selling through Costco, Sams Club, Walmart and other mass retailers
  • Textiles, clothing, accessories and other wholesalers
  • Oil and gas (and all oil field contractors)
  • Staffing and temporary employment agencies (security services, nursing, etc.)
  • Business consulting and B2B business services

And others – feel free to ask!  We routinely fund or source a wide variety of business finance tools that can help you serve more clients and tailor solutions to their needs and preferences. Our programs run the gamut from working capital and cash flow solutions for B2B organizations to financing for retailers, restaurants, service businesses and franchises; including:

  • invoice factoring (or receivables financing)
  • business cash advances
  • merchant cash advances
  • business loans – business line of credit
  • equipment financing
  • equipment lease financing
  • semi truck and trailer financing
  • construction financing – factoring invoices, purchase orders and progress billings
  • and more!

Work With Us

Do More Business

Our mission has remained consistent from day one – to help our customers grow from where they are today to where they want to be tomorrow. Our tools are tailored to give business owners access to the working capital they need to grow while also keeping them in control, so they can make decisions that are in the best interests of their businesses. We would love to put these resources to work for your clients, too; including:

  • Invoice factoring with rates as low as 1%
  • Free same day funding with advances as high as 98%
  • Non-recourse factoring at rates comparable to full recourse
  • Multiple cash advance programs sourced for competitive rates
  • Flexible options on cash advances including no UCC filing
  • Prompt, professional customer service from dedicated account managers