Franchise Financing

Working Capital for Franchise Financing

When franchise business opportunities require working capital, our franchise financing solutions might be the ideal choice.

Franchise Financing: Working Capital and Cash Flow Solutions

Our financing programs might be ideal for franchisees who need to speed up cash flow or get access to working capital.

Our franchise financing programs offer fast access to working capital that franchisees can use to take advantage of emerging franchise opportunities, such as:

  • Opening new franchise locations
  • Adding additional space to a franchise location
  • Expanding inventory or adding new service options
  • Hiring seasonal staff to maximize sales
  • Executing strategic marketing and advertising

Taking advantage of franchise opportunities is just one reason to consider commercial cash advance and business line of credit options; these franchise financing programs are also useful for resolving common cash flow challenges. Instances where a franchisee may consider using business cash advance or line of credit financing might include maintaining cash flow during cyclical or seasonal slowdowns, funding repairs and renovations, finding the capital needed to purchase equipment or furnishings — or even growing by adding new locations.

We would be happy to help you find out whether our franchise financing programs could benefit your organization. Start your application online by completing the quick quote form below or contact us at 866-855-3640 to talk about our franchise financing options and request a free, no-obligation proposal.

Franchise Financing for Restaurants, Service and Retail Business Models

Restaurants and other retail business models can use business and merchant cash advances to get a cash flow infusion. This might be ideal for franchisees who want fast access to working capital or those looking for low credit score business loans. We also have franchise financing programs with no UCC filing, which means less financial risk for franchisees.

As with our other franchise financing programs, there is no fee to apply. Since we source multiple offers, we often provide more than one option so franchisees can select the franchise financing program they believe is most appropriate.

In addition to commercial cash advance programs, we also offer franchise lines of credit, which is a franchise business loan. This might be ideal for franchisees who want a working capital solution which can be accessed on demand. With all of our franchise financing programs, you can expect:

  • Fast and free to apply – no credit check or due diligence fees
  • On approval, access to working capital up to $100,000 – or even more
  • Multiple offers sourced often means multiple offers to choose from
  • Flexible funding and repayment options
  • Prompt, professional customer service

We look at more than a credit score. If you are not instantly approved, we can also help you find out why or initiate a manual underwriting review.

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Franchise Invoice Factoring for B2B Franchise Businesses

Like other B2B organizations that invoice their customers for payment, B2B franchises can also speed up cash flow by factoring invoices.

Invoice factoring for franchises, also known as franchise receivables financing, expedites cash flow by allowing a franchise to receive immediate funding on customer invoices, without waiting for customers to pay.

Improving franchise cash flow by factoring invoices enables faster reinvestment for growth, improved ability to negotiate discounts with suppliers, and competitive advantages like the ability to extend longer terms to customers. Franchises that factor invoices with us enjoy:

  • Franchise invoice factoring fees as low as 1%
  • High advances – up to 98%
  • Free same day funding
  • Free credit checks on their customers
  • No long term contracts
  • No application or due diligence fees
  • Non-recourse franchise factoring (we assume the credit risk)
  • No schedule processing, reserve release, notification or other hidden fees

Apply for a quick quote for franchise invoice factoring services, and you might be able to go from invoice factoring application to your first funding fast – in as little as 3-5 business days.

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Get more information about franchise financing or request a proposal:

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Advantages of Franchise Financing with DB Squared

We offer proven franchise financing options that provide fast access to working capital, but that’s just the beginning when it comes to the reasons why partnering with DB Squared could be ideal for you as a franchisee.

Here are some of the things that you can expect when you work with us:

  • Experienced, dedicated account managers that respect your preferences and understand your business
  • Flexible franchise financing programs including flexible repayment options and sourcing multiple offers
  • Options for low credit score business loans or alternatives
  • Free, no-obligation franchise financing proposals with no hidden fees or surprises

Best of all, we pride ourselves on taking a long term view. We want to earn your business, day in and day out, through experienced, professional, courteous customer service that is focused on helping you grow your franchise business.  Contact us 866-855-3640 or apply online for more information about our franchise finance tools.