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Do More Business. Fast, flexible business financing tailored to the unique needs of your organization - ideal tools for growing a business!
1% Factoring Fees - Advances to 98%Factoring fees from 1%: Access up to 98% of a customer invoice immediately - without waiting for your customer to pay!
Fast Approvals and Same Day FundingGet a free, no-obligation quote in 24-48 hours - or even faster! Once approved, take advantage of same day funding options.
Business Cash AdvancesGet fast access to working capital with a cash advance on your organization's future credit and debit card sales.
Get a Fast - Free - No Obligation QuoteExperience the high level of customer service our customers enjoy - request a fast, free, no-obligation quote for financing.

Which Business Financing Solution is Right for You?

The experienced team of business finance experts at DB Squared focus on delivering the financial tools needed to solve cash flow challenges and provide access to working capital, primarily through invoice factoring and merchant cash advances. more
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Invoice Factoring

Invoice factoring (a.k.a. receivables financing or A/R factoring) is a common business financing tool that provides a business with immediate access to working capital that would otherwise be tied up for weeks – or even months – in accounts receivable invoices.

To find out whether factoring receivables with DB Squared would be a beneficial business financing solution for your organization, use our factoring opportunity cost calculator to see whether invoice factoring could help your organization grow.

Invoice Factoring:

business cash flow RATES AS LOW AS 1%
business cash flow ADVANCES UP TO 98%
business cash flow SAME DAY FUNDING
business cash flow NO APPLICATION FEES
business cash flow NO LONG TERM

*Same and next day funding available for clients approved to factor invoices with DB Squared.

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Merchant Cash Advance

Merchant cash advances can be a useful business financing tool for organizations that accept credit and debit cards as a form of payment from their customers.

This type of business financing provides an organization with a cash infusion based on future credit and debit card transactions, and is repaid automatically as a small percentage of future credit and debit card sales.

Find out how much financing your organization may qualify to receive using our merchant cash advance calculator.

Merchant Cash Advance:


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Do More Business

We want to help you get from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow. 

Our business financing solutions are just the beginning – we offer a high level of service and provide strategic growth, marketing and leadership resources on our website, blog and social networks.

Use our business financing tools to improve cash flow and gain access to the working capital needed to grow your organization. Be sure to also take advantage of the other resources we provide that can help you grow and strengthen your company.

We evaluate every application by looking at the big picture, not just a credit score or an asset list. Our personalized approach, coupled with flexible business financing products can help take your organization to the next level!

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Do More Business Using DB Squared Business Financing Solutions

Grow your organization using the DB Squared portfolio of business financing options which currently include both invoice factoring and cash advances for businesses. Find out more about these business financing solutions by contacting us at 866-855-3640 or click below to request more information.

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