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Do More Business > February 2014 > Marketing in 60 Seconds: The Breakdown of the Digital Content Explosion [Infographic]

Marketing in 60 Seconds: The Breakdown of the Digital Content Explosion [Infographic]

domo infographic data never sleeps

In the next 24 hours, consumers will spend about four hundred million dollars on e-commerce buys. A peek at a minute of digital content sharing can provide you with ideas on how to bring more online shoppers to your web site, so you can get a larger portion of the digital shopper’s sales.

What You Do in the Next 60 Seconds Could Help Boost Web Leads, Conversions and Sales 

With a few clicks of the mouse, you could publish digital content designed to bring members of your target markets to your website to find out more about your business, browse, and buy. Here’s a look at the kind of content marketers are using every minute of every day to boost sales for their business.

This fascinating Infographic from tells the tale when it comes to the exponential growth of online data that helps to bring shopper to e-commerce sites or to explore local brick and mortar shopping, dining, service and other business options.

data never sleeps hourly stats infographic

We took a look at the breakdown to see how the numbers would add up.  Based on the “Data Never Sleeps: How Much Data is Generated Every Minute?” Infographic:

Every day, on the internet:
  • 204,166,667 emails are sent
  • 312,480 new mobile users arrive on the scene
  • 2,880,000,000 (yes ,that’s nearly three billion) Google searches happen
  • 1,244,8484,320 Facebook posts are published
  • 1,440,000,000 Tweets are written
  • 822,240 new web sites are launched
  • Consumers spend $391,780,800.00 online
At this point, we had to ditch our calculators and move to excel. Here’s how that translates into an average month:
  • More than 8.8 trillion emails
  • Nearly 10 million mobile users
  • 86.4 billion Google search queries
  • 37.3 billion Facebook posts
  • 43.2 billion Tweets
  • 24,667,200 new websites are added
  • Consumers spend $11,753,424,000 – that’s nearly 12 billion dollars every month!
Assuming no change in consumer behavior over the next 12 months, that would translate to:
  • 107,310,000,175,200 emails
  • 114 million more mobile users
  • More than 1 trillion Google searches
  • Something like 500 billion Facebook posts and more than 525 billion Tweets
  • More than 300 million web sites added to the ‘net
Resulting in:
  • $143 billion dollars in consumer e-commerce activity
It’s never been more important for a business to not only have a digital marketing strategy, but to hone that digital strategy in to the most important and effective web marketing strategies; namely, the ones that produce the results desired, which may come in the form of:
  • Sales
  • Leads
  • Subscribers and followers
  • Brand awareness
  • Reviews
  • Quality hires – and much more.

domo hourly content marketing stats infographic

Posted by Elizabeth Kraus on 2/26/2014 2:10:35 PM

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