Waste Management and Recycling Industry Invoice Factoring

Recycling and waste management companies can expedite cash flow with invoice factoring fees as low as 1% and free, same-day funding.

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Waste management, recovery and recycling industry invoice factoring speeds up cash flow, enabling you to focus on running your organization instead of waiting on payments.

Low Recycling Industry Factoring Fees and High Advance Rates

Instead of waiting on customer payments for 30, 45, 60 days – or even longer, organizations that serve the recycling industry in nearly any commercial capacity can factor invoices to speed up cash flow. Here’s how the process works.

  1. Your organization generates an invoice
  2. You factor the invoice with us and receive free, same day funding of up to 98% of the invoice amount for a small fee (called a factoring fee)
  3. Once customer payment is remitted in full, any amount held in reserve is also returned to your organization

It’s that simple. Cash in hand, you’re free to focus on growing and running your company, instead of chasing customer payments.

Time is money. Many segments of the recycling industry are among the fastest-growing in the United States. As people become increasingly aware of the impact waste materials have on the environment overall as well as the impact they can make in recycling used or depleted assets instead of throwing them away, this trend will only continue.

How Factoring Benefits Organizations in the Recycling Industry

Companies that factor usually do so in order to speed up cash flow. Expediting cash flow with our recycling industry invoice factoring services can be the key to faster growth or evening-out cash flow to avoid ebbs and flows. Some of the benefits of factoring include:

  • The ability to take on new business more quickly
  • The ability to serve larger customers or fulfill bigger orders
  • The ability to take advantage of fast-emerging opportunities
  • The ability to reinvest in business operations more quickly
  • The ability to invest in marketing, advertising and other growth initiatives

Our recycling industry factoring services do more than speed up cash flow. When you factor invoices with us, you can expect:

  • Low fees – as low as 1 percent
  • Competitive advances – as high as 98 percent
  • Free same day funding (for advances on factored invoices)
  • No long term contracts, hidden auto-renewals or lengthy notification clauses
  • No hidden fees – your factoring fee is your all-in cost
  • No factoring minimums – factor only when you choose
  • Free online credit checks to help you evaluate new customers

When you stay in control, you have the ability to maximize the benefits of recycling industry invoice factoring. That’s why we don’t tack on hidden fees or require you to commit to long term contracts or factoring minimums. We want to partner with your organization so that it can grow to the next level.

Recycling Industry Invoice Factoring Calculator

Opportunity Cost Calculator

Use our invoice factoring calculator to determine whether factoring receivables could expedite cash flow in your business.

  • Your Current Total Accounts Receivable
    $1,000 $5,000,000+
  • Your Average Customer Invoice Amount
    $0 $250,000+
  • Advance Rate for Factored Invoices (Advances usually range from 85-98%)
    85% 98%
  • Factoring Fee (Factoring fee usually ranges from 1-5%)
    1% 5%

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  • Expedite working capital tied up in customer invoices, without waiting for customers to pay Working Capital Unlocked $0
  • Average Factoring Fee $0

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Factoring unlocks the money that could otherwise be tied up in receivables for 30, 60, 90 days – or even longer. Use our recycling industry factoring calculator to see how much working capital you could unlock immediately by factoring invoices, then contact us for a free, no-risk quote, or to find out whether factoring could benefit your company.

We would be happy to answer your questions and help you determine whether this commercial financing tool could expedite your company’s cash flow.

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Waste Management, Recovery and Recycling Invoice Factoring Services


Invoice factoring enables you to focus on growing your organization instead of chasing customer payments. This cash flow solution could be ideal for:

  • Waste management facilities
  • Waste management equipment manufacturers and distributors
  • Materials recovery facilities (bulk handling, single stream recycling, sorting facilities, etc.)
  • Municipal solid waste recycling services and facilities, including government contractors
  • Commercial recycling services and facilities
  • Industrial recycling facilities
  • Construction and demolition recycling
  • Compost and organics recycling
  • Dry Anaerobic Digestion facilities
  • e-Waste recycling services and plants
  • Tire recycling (also known as rubber recycling) facilities
  • Waste-to-energy recycling facilities
  • Recycling equipment manufacturers and wholesalers – and more

If your organization serves the recycling industry in some capacity and invoices it’s buyers for payments, invoice factoring could help you speed up cash flow and grow more quickly. In an industry growing faster than ever before, expediting cash flow could be the key to out-pacing competitors and taking advantage of fast-emerging opportunities.

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