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Small Business Factoring - Fees as Low as 1%

Invoice factoring could be the small business financing solution you need to grow, giving you access to working capital by expediting cash flow in your organization.

Small Business Factoring Expedites Cash Flow

Factoring is a business finance tool that expedites cash flow by enabling you to turn unpaid customer invoices into immediate cash. This small business financing option puts money into your hands on the same day an invoice is generated that would otherwise be tied up in receivables while you wait for customers to pay.

As a small business owner, you know better than most that steady cash flow is critical for meeting operating expenses and facilitating growth.

If you sell goods or services to other companies, organizations, or government agencies, you can turn those invoices into immediate working capital, rather than waiting – and waiting – for your customers to remit payment.

Imagine how much more business you could do, and how much more quickly you could grow, if you received payment of accounts receivables invoices on the day they were issued!

That’s exactly what small business factoring does. You can leverage expedited cash flow in many different ways to benefit your organization; such as:

  • Add new product or service lines
  • Increase inventory to increase sales and serve more clients
  • Repair, replace or purchase new equipment
  • Negotiate discounts from your own suppliers
  • Expand into additional locations
  • Make capital improvements to buildings and land

Small Business Factoring: How the Process Works

Request a free, no obligation quote to determine how much working capital you could unlock by factoring invoices, instead of waiting for customers to pay.

Once you’ve been approved and have submitted invoices to us, receive your first funding in just a few days, and get free same day funding when you factor invoices after that.

Your factoring fee, which could be as low as 1%, is your all-in cost for using this small business financing tool to get immediate access to working capital you might otherwise have to wait weeks – or even longer – to receive.

No matter the size of your organization, invoice factoring can provide you with immediate access to working capital. This money can be leveraged to help a growing small business in many ways; including, but not limited to: taking on new or bigger clients, fulfilling larger orders, reducing operating expenses or meeting operating cash flow needs more readily.

Take advantage of this small business financing option today, and grow your company more quickly! 

Small Business Factoring Calculator

Use the calculator below to find out how much working capital you could unlock by factoring customer invoices instead of waiting – and waiting – for them to pay.

Opportunity Cost Calculator

Use our invoice factoring calculator to determine whether factoring receivables could expedite cash flow in your business.

  • Your Current Total Accounts Receivable
    $1,000 $5,000,000+
  • Your Average Customer Invoice Amount
    $0 $250,000+
  • Advance Rate for Factored Invoices (Advances usually range from 85-98%)
    85% 98%
  • Factoring Fee (Factoring fee usually ranges from 1-5%)
    1% 5%

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  • Expedite working capital tied up in customer invoices, without waiting for customers to pay Working Capital Unlocked $0
  • Average Factoring Fee $0

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What Sets Our Small Business Factoring Program Apart?

Why partner with DB Squared for your small business financing needs?

We want to earn your business and referrals. We do this by striving to exceed service expectations and providing personalized, flexible options that give you access to the working capital you need to grow your business.

We don’t require clients to sign long term contracts or factor invoices they don’t want to. As a small business factoring client at DB Squared, you stay in the driver’s seat when you take advantage of this small business financing option in order to gain access to working capital:

  • Factoring fees as low as 1%
  • High advances on factored invoices – up to 98%
  • Free same day funding
  • No long term contracts
  • Get free credit reports on your customers
  • No monthly minimums – factor only when you think it’s best for your business
  • No hidden fees — no application, due diligence or schedule processing fees

And unlike many other factoring companies, if you want to retain control of invoicing your customers — with DB Squared, you can. You can send invoices to your customers or we can send them on your behalf. We will treat you and your customers as we would want to be treated ourselves.