Nurse Staffing Factoring and Payroll Factoring Loans

Factoring is commonly used by nurse staffing agencies to expedite cash flow and manage payroll expenses; here’s why nurse staffing agencies love working with DB Squared.

Staffing Invoice Factoring

Overview: Nurse Staffing Factoring Process

Nurse staffing agencies that factor invoices expedite cash flow, by unlocking working capital on the same day a customer invoice is generated instead of waiting weeks or months for the customer to pay.

The nurse staffing factoring process works like this:

DAY ONE $5,000 Customer invoice is generated
$4,900 Agency receives a 98% advance on the invoice
$     50 1% factoring fee is incurred
$     50 1% held in reserve against customer payment
DAY 15-30-60-90+ Customer remits payment
$     50 1% held in reserve is released back to the agency


Benefits of Factoring for Nurse Staffing Agencies

Expedited cash flow is only one benefit of factoring for nurse staffing agencies, but it’s an important one.  Speeding up agencies cash flow is usually vital to meet payroll and operating expenses – expenses that are often incurred several days (or even weeks) before customer invoices are generated.

We work with our factoring clients to build programs tailored to their needs and preferences. When it comes to approvals, we look at the whole picture, not just a credit score – we look for reasons to say “yes.”

Agencies that factor invoices with us enjoy:

  • Low factoring fees starting at 1%
  • Factoring advances as high as 98%
  • Free, same day funding
  • Fast approvals
  • Free credit checks on your customers
  • No hidden fees and no application, due diligence or notification fees
  • No long term contracts or factoring minimums – you stay in control
  • Reduced overhead – fewer resources consumed by accounts receivable activities

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Nurse Staffing Payroll Factoring Loans

Many nurse staffing agencies factor routinely to speed up cash flow on a consistent basis in order to meet expenses (including payroll), acquire new customers or fulfill larger placement requests. Some agencies choose to use nurse staffing payroll factoring loans only to cover payroll and payroll-related expenses.

Agencies that want to finance payroll using payroll factoring loans love our flexible program. We don’t require factoring clients to meet monthly or dollar amount factoring minimums, nor do we require factoring clients to factor every invoice.. Our clients stay in control, factoring only when they feel it’s in the best interest of their business.

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Nurse Staffing Factoring Companies


The types of nurse staffing companies that routinely use factoring to speed up cash flow and finance payroll:

  • RN staffing (registered nurses)
  • LPN staffing (licensed practical nurses)
  • Clinical nurse staffing
  • Pediatric nurse staffing
  • Travel nurse staffing
  • School nurse staffing
  • Government and public agency nurse staffing
  • Short term and temporary employment nurse staffing