For Vendors Waiting on Payments from Amazon, Factoring is the Answer

For vendors who must wait 30-60 days or even longer on payments from Amazon, factoring eliminates the wait and puts capital back into your business immediately.

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Program Overview – Manufacturers and Distributors Selling on Amazon Factoring with Us Can Expect:

Low Fees and High Advances, with Free Same Day Funding

Our factoring fees start as low as 1 percent. Our factoring advances are extremely competitive and range as high as 98 percent. Amazon sellers factoring with us qualify for free same-day funding (ACH).

No Long Term Factoring Contracts

We don’t require our clients to sign long term contracts so you can always do what’s in the best interest of your business. We choose to earn your repeat business and referrals over the long term through the level of service, flexibility and benefits our Amazon factoring services provide.

No Factoring Minimums

We want you to be able to do what’s in the best interest of your company, so we don’t require our clients to factor a minimum number, dollar amount or particular invoices with us. We want our clients to use factoring to grow to the next level, so we leave the choice up to you.

No Hidden Fees

Some factoring companies tack on account administration, schedule processing, application and due diligence fees – all of which impact the cost of receivables financing. DB Squared doesn’t have application or due diligence fees, schedule processing, notification or hidden fees. Our program is transparent, easy to understand, and normally the factoring fee will be your “all in” cost for financing receivables with us.

Free Customer Credit Checks

Vet new customers and spot potential customer issues more quickly by taking advantage of free customer credit checks.

Great Customer Service

We don’t lock you in to long term contracts or factoring minimums – in part because one of the things our clients appreciate most about working with us is the high level of professional customer service our team provides day in and day out. Our Amazon factoring clients get the same great customer care provided by a dedicated account manager all our clients enjoy; someone knowledgeable and committed to helping them grow their business.

Same Day Funding for Merchants Selling on Amazon Factoring Invoices with DB Squared


Let’s face it, the Amazon that was the great industry disruptor is now a way of life for U.S. consumers and shoppers from around the world. Amazon’s selling platform provides an incomparable opportunity for manufacturers and distributors both small and large to exhibit and sell their goods on a global scale few could have achieved on their own.

One of the unique characteristics of the Amazon merchant experience is that goods must be produced, promoted, sold and shipped 30-60 days before receiving payments on those goods. Merchants who sell directly to consumers or B2B buyers get paid immediately on the sale of those goods. The wait time between sale and merchant payment can come as an unwelcome surprise since vendors should generally expect a delay of more than a month before payment is received. Waiting on payments due from Amazon for commissions and product sales can delay business growth and make financial management much more challenging.

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