EFS Fleet Fuel Cards for Trucking

We are pleased to provide exclusive fuel savings and trucking industry discounts to our transportation factoring clients with free enrollment in EFS Fleet Fuel Cards and TruckersB2B programs.

Save up to $.10 Per Gallon Using EFS Fleet Fuel Cards and Truckers B2B

Trucking companies that factor with us qualify for free enrollment in our EFS Fleet Fuel Card and Truckers B2B programs, gaining access to fuel discounts at the pump and dozens of other valuable trucking industry discounts and offers. Here’s how it works:

1. Enroll at no cost in our EFS Fleet Fuel Cards program and Truckers B2B.

2. Use EFS Fleet Fuel Cards for on-road fuel purchases at any of the more than 800 truck stops in the Truckers B2B fuel network.

It’s that simple!

How to enroll at no cost for EFS Fleet Fuel Cards:

DB Squared freight factoring clients can enroll in the fuel card program by returning a completed Fuel Card Enrollment form to their DB Squared account manager. Once enrolled in our fuel card program, carriers can enroll free in TruckersB2B by returning a completed TruckersB2B enrollment form as noted.

If you are not already factoring with us, the first step is to become a client!  

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EFS Fleet Fuel Cards Give Drivers and Carriers 24 x 7 Account Access

Need to Fund Fuel Advances for Your Drivers On the Road?

If your trucking company factors invoices with DB Squared, you can enroll free and begin taking advantage of the many benefits of using EFS Fleet Fuel Cards, including gaining the ability to fund drivers on the road, day or night, using the EFS mobile app.

As the owner or manager of a trucking company factoring invoices with DB Squared, using EFS Fuel Cards means you don’t have to worry about getting money to drivers on the road.  Drivers and carriers have access to cash and account information via smartphone, day or night, and get online access to your card balances via mobile app, with the ability to instantly replenish funds on any of your driver’s card. You can even speak to a fleet fuel card program representative 24×7 if you have a question, or need assistance.

Get funds to your drivers in seconds to cover fuel, tires, parts or repairs that might otherwise delay your freight loads from arriving on time at their destinations. Move money from the primary card to any of the individual driver’s cards within your fleet via mobile app 24×7.

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Becoming a factoring client is the first step to enjoying program benefits, including free enrollment in our EFS Fleet Fuel Card and Truckers B2B programs. Find out more about how our factoring programs and additional client benefits like these can save your trucking business time and money.

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Save Time and Money Using EFS Fleet Fuel Cards to Help Manage Trucking Operations

Time IS money, especially when you have a freight shipment that might be delayed when a driver finds themselves short of the money needed for refueling, parts or repairs on the road. Our fleet fuel cards give factoring clients in the trucking industry the ability to get money into driver’s hands instantly – when every minute counts!

Get started today! If you are not already factoring with DB Squared, get a free freight factoring proposal by completing the quick quote form above. Use the links below to apply for more client benefits including free enrollment in our EFS Fleet Fuel Cards and Truckers B2B programs.

  Fleet Fuel Cards 


Here are some of the ways our EFS Fleet Fuel Card program – which we only make available to DB Squared freight factoring clients – can save your trucking business time and money:

  • Replenish your drivers’ fuel cards instantly, 24×7, using the EFS mobile app
  • $3 card load fee is far less than same day wire fees
  • No charge to transfer funds from carrier account to individual driver’s cards.
  • Card-level programming to control costs
  • Report lost/stolen cards instantly and request new cards online
  • Build budgets and monitor your expenses more accurately – you can even choose to fund individual cards on a per-diem basis
  • You decide what types of purchases the universally-accepted fuel card can be used for!

And that’s not all! By having some or all of your factoring proceeds directly loaded on to fuel cards you can better manage operations, give drivers instant access to money for fuel or other expenses, and have increased ability to monitor and control costs.

Enjoy better authorization controls and card-level programming. Maintain full control and security over your fuel, cash (ATM usage) and non-fuel purchases. Limit card use to fuel only or designate what type of expenses funds can be used for. Control fuel and non-fuel purchases with distinct card prompts that validate the sale at the point of purchase.

Get peace of mind with superior fraud prevention tools. Prevent theft and guard against loss: Deactivate lost cards instantly via mobile app and request a new card.

Improve your ability to control costs and manage your operations. Detailed, customized reports let you get a better handle on costs to see where you could save money.