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Restaurant Marketing ResourcesSummer 2014 Restaurant Marketing Calendar download and more tools for growing a restaurant.

Free Download: Summer 2014 Restaurant Marketing Calendar

summer 2014 restaurant marketing calendar northwest foodservice showWelcome Northwest Foodservice Show Attendees and Vendors!

Be sure to come and visit us at booth #235 at the April 13-14, 2014 Northwest Food Service Show in Seattle to say hello and register for a chance to win a free Kindle Fire!  

Download the summer 2014 restaurant marketing calendar and scroll down for ten more articles featuring important restaurant industry trends, ideas for restaurant promotions, restaurant customer loyalty and more.

Top Restaurant Industry Trends for 2014

With growth of the restaurant industry outpacing that of the economy as a whole, improving restaurant marketing now could help you stay in front of the competition in 2014.

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9 Ways to Prep a Restaurant for Growth

In an industry projecting record high revenues in 2014, here are nine key ways to position a restaurant for increases in patrons, revenues and profits in the coming months.

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5 Ways to Grow by Making Your Resturant More Mobile

Consumers searching for restaurants on mobile usually take action in under an hour! Five ways to use mobile marketing to attract more local customers to your restaurant or bar.

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7 Ways to Promote a Restaurant Using US Nutritional Disclosure Regulations

New U.S. laws regulating how chain restaurants must disclose the nutritional value of all menu options to restaurant patrons means more work for restaurant owners and managers, but there's an upside too.

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10 Ways to Use Text and Email Marketing to Grow a Restaurant

This Top 10 list of email and text SMS message marketing ideas can help you attract more customers and bring diners back more often.

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6 Ways to Grow a Restaurant using Cash Advance Financing

Cash advance restaurant financing can make it possible for you to quickly implement needed marketing, expansion, remodeling, renovation and other activities.

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Tipping Points: 6 Ways to Boost Client Gratuities

These six tips can lead to higher customer gratuities, satisfaction, reviews, referrals and loyalty.

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restaurant cash advance calculator financine

Find Out More About Restaurant Financing

Find out how much financing your restaurant may qualify for using our cash advance calculator, then request a free quote. 

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10 Marketing Ideas for Food Trucks and Other Mobile Business Models [Infographic]

Ten marketing ideas for food trucks and other mobile businesses to create brand awareness and demand for your signature menu items.

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6 Ways to Use Time-Limited Offers and Signature Menu Items to Spark Demand

Restaurants and coffee shops offer customer favorites like rib-filled sandwiches and pumpkin spice lattes only for a few months every year because it works!  And it can work for your restaurant too.

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Restaurant Reviews in Real Time! Get More Customers to Post Positive Reviews

Restaurant marketing ideas to encourage patrons to leave positive reviews and boost a restaurant's word of mouth marketing.

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Restaurant Financing Solves Cash Flow Challenges and Funds Growth

Restaurant Financing Scenario

When lack of working capital stands between your restaurant and its ability to maintain cash flow sufficient to meet operating needs or cover unexpected expenses, restaurant financing with a merchant cash advance can provide you with immediate access to the money you need to meet operational expenses or finance restaurant expansion, remodeling, marketing and other strategies that can help you grow your business!

Complete our free online restaurant financing application and find out whether a restaurant cash advance could benefit your organization. 
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