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Cash Advance Financing for RetailersAccess the money you need for operating expenses, maintaining cash flow during slow months or financing expansion, marketing and business growth strategies.

Commercial Financing Can Help With Growing a Retail Business

Retail Financing:
Access Working Capital with a Retail Cash Advance from DB Squared

If you need commercial financing, a merchant cash advance (or MCA) could be a good retail financing tool to gain access to working capital – quickly – in order to meet operating expenses, maintain cash flow during slow months or finance the expansion, marketing and growth of your business. Our retail financing can be used by nearly any type of retail business!
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Commercial Financing: Retail Financing with a Merchant Cash Advance

Don’t let lack of working capital stand in the way of growing your organization!

Commercial financing through a merchant cash advance can help with retail inventory purchases, equipment needs, to offset interruptions in cash flow due to seasonal sales cycles, or to solve other challenges retail store owners face.

Retail financing using an MCA (merchant cash advance) could be used for:
  • New retail store equipment financing
  • Financing retail inventory purchases
  • Expanding square footage or number of retail store locations
  • Replenishing inventory before busy seasons
  • Maintaining sufficient cash flow to meet operating expenses or payroll
  • Offsetting negative impact to cash flow during slow months or regular seasonal down times
  • Covering unexpected expenses, such as repairing equipment or making repairs to building or facility
  • Managing operating expenses more smoothly
  • Solving cash flow challenges

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Retail Financing Using MCA Instead of a Retail Business Loan:

A merchant cash advance is not a loan. It is a far more flexible commercial financing solution, and the application and funding of merchant cash advances occurs more quickly than the process and funding of traditional bank loans.

When we provide a retailer with an advance, we base it on their typical sales trends. Any retailer that accepts credit or debit cards as a form of payment from their customers may be qualified for this type of commercial financing.

An organization may qualify for a cash advance in an amount of up to 150% of their typical credit and debit card monthly sales transactions, and use it to help grow their organization.

Merchant advances are paid back through future credit and debit card sales, automatically, with a small percentage of each day’s debit and credit card transactions being sent directly to DB Squared by the retailer’s card processing company until the amount has been repaid (usually over 6-9 months).

This process makes repayment easy to manage and budget, since it follows the retailer’s sales trends.
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Why Partner with DB Squared for Commercial Financing?

Our merchant cash advance customers come to us from all over the US not only because of the flexible, easy to use commercial business financing options we offer, but also because of how we do business.

We are in business to help your business grow. It’s why we exist.

Our team members take a personal interest in each of the businesses they serve. We want to be the strategic partner you turn for working capital in order to grow your business or gain peace of mind by solving the cash flow problems that nearly every business owner faces.

We will work hard to earn your business and your referrals.

When you apply for commercial financing from DB Squared, you can expect:
  • Competitive rates
  • A personal approach
  • A flexible repayment schedule
  • Attentive, professional account management
  • No application or proposal fees
  • Free, no obligation proposals
  • No processing, credit check or due diligence fees
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Commercial Financing Tools That Solve Retail Cash Flow Problems

From time to time, nearly every retail business experiences a cash flow shortage due to unexpected expenses or higher than anticipated operating costs. Lack of cash flow can also prevent a business from executing marketing, expansion and other strategic growth strategies. Our merchant cash advances are a commercial financing tool that can help to solve common retail business challenges and provide access to the money needed to keep growing!

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