Pinterest Marketing Ideas for Staffing Agencies

Staffing Agency Marketing Ideas: 11 Things to Share on Pinterest

Pinterest is producing hefty results for brand marketers. Here are eleven types of visual content staffing agency marketing pros can use on Pinterest and other social networks to build brand awareness, get more clients and attract local talent.


Marketing Ideas for Staffing Agencies: Get More Shares, Likes and Local Talent with these 11 Types of Shareable Content + History of Pinterest Infographic

Few social networks can provide marketers with as high a return as Pinterest when it comes to women in the U.S. Here are eleven visual, sharable types of content that staffing agencies can use on Pinterest and other social networks in order to increase brand awareness, followers, shares, and attract more local talent and employers to their ranks.

All signs point to creation of new jobs in many sectors in 2014, including many industries that rely on staffing and employment agencies to fill seasonal jobs or assist in recruiting top quality local talent for open positions. Whether your staffing agency is looking to add new talent or you hope to attract more local employers as clients, a successful social marketing strategy is essential for today’s employment agencies.

Why Staffing and Employment Agencies Should Be Marketing on Pinterest

From local business leaders to talented agency placement candidates, staffing agencies should incorporate Pinterest into their social media marketing plan; particularly if their demographics include females. Why?

1. More than 1/3 of all women in the U.S. use Pinterest (

2. 80% of Pinterest’s users are women (

And that’s not all. Developing a Pinterest strategy can help strengthen a staffing or employment agency’s social marketing plan as a whole and provide additional back links and social signals that help with search engine result placement. In addition, while Pinterest is free to use, it provides a high return on investment for brand marketers:

  • Compared to one year ago, the value of a single Pin has increased by 25% (
  • Pinterest drives more web traffic than Twitter, LinkedIn and Reddit combined; in fact, only Facebook drives more traffic to publishers than Pinterest (

The Pew Research Center found that Pinterest was especially appealing to Women, adults under 50, and those with some college education.

staffing agency marketing ideas for Pinterest


Employment Agency Marketing Ideas: 11 Types of Visual Content Perfect for Pinterest and Other Social Networks

1. Resumes

Show candidates examples of resumes both good and bad with a link back to your staffing agency web site or a blog article featuring resume-writing tips.

2. Head Shots – or Even Caricatures or Avatars – of Employment Agency Account Managers

Give candidates and employers a chance to put faces with names and make your business seem more professional and more personal. Link back to your employment agency’s “About Us” or corporate bio web pages, available job listings or business development pages.

3. Photos, Logos or Ads of Happy Clients (Local Employers)

Show off your employment agency’s credentials and give some free social shares to your best clients by featuring their businesses, brand logo, ads or other visual content on Pinterest and your other social networks.

4. Photos of Happy Customers (Placed Employees)

Your customers and clients should be your best source when it comes to word of mouth advertising. Featuring photos of happily-placed temporary workers (or former temporary workers who were hired by your clients) can go a long way to showing both local employers and local talent why they should work with your staffing agency.

5. Charts and Graphs Showing Your Success Rates

Use charts and graphs to show employers how quickly you can fill open positions, how you can save them money by fulfilling recruiting and screening responsibilities or other metrics that point to the benefits for local clients of working with your employment agency. Likewise, use charts and graphs to provide a visual representation to candidates of how quickly you can get them placed, the average length of assignment, rate of conversions to client-hires, etc.

6. Charts and Graphs Showing Local Employment, Hiring and Other Relevant Economic Stats

Is there a shortage of qualified workers in your area in general, or relative to a specific industry? Charts and graphs can provide vivid, compelling visual proof to local employers that they would benefit from doing business with you!

7. Photos, Awards and Other Community Involvement

If your staffing agency is involved in local community “give back” programs, document involvement in photos or take photos of special awards, certificates and other acknowledgements that point to the quality of your organization.

8. Slideshows, Photos or PowerPoint Presentations of Workshops or Training

Whitepapers (even blog articles) with statistics and tips can easily be transformed into highly-shareable slideshows, PowerPoints and other content to help you attract more local employers as clients or attract more local talent to fill open positions.

9. Examples of How to Dress for Success

Write a blog post or add pages to your website that speak to proper attire for job candidates for interviews and on the job relative to the types of industries you serve, including photos. Then pin photos to Pinterest and share on other social networks to stimulate inbound web traffic.

10. Tips, Ideas and Examples of Ways to Decorate a Temporary Work Space

Spend much time on Pinterest and you will quickly realize that decorating tips and ideas get a lot of repins, comments and shares. Since many of your candidates may only be in an office on a temporary basis, share ideas on how they can decorate a work space on a temporary basis and easily pack up and transport it to their next assignment.

11. Tips, Ideas and Examples of How to Decorate a Permanent Work Space

For employees who are placed on a permanent basis or who convert from temporary to regular employee, provide tips on how to decorate an office, locker or another type of work space appropriately based on themes (such as sports fans, pet lovers, etc.) or colors.

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Pinterest Marketing Ideas for Staffing Agencies
Pinterest Marketing Ideas for Staffing Agencies

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